A few days ago, we got one of these emails (went to 'other' folder) but it caught our eye.

With the words "Biden Care" across the top, it reminded us of the Presidential Debate back in October, when Joe Biden said he was going to "pass Obamacare" with a public option, and call it Biden Care.

Obamacare destroyed many private healthcare plans, because the millions of Americans who did not qualify for Medicare saw their plans vanish, or premiums skyrocket (to pay for the low cost plan).  Also, hundreds of thousands were NOT able to keep their Doctor, as was promised by Obama--and then broken.

Now, Biden wants to add public option to Obamacare. It's basically a repackage of the Affordable Care Act, according to Forbes.

You may have seen one of these in you email recently.  Am wondering how the hades they got on my list anyway? But as we understand, these are being send out by the millions to every possible email address that can be found--or as some critics are already saying--generated by 'bots.'

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