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Remember in 2001 Space Odyssey when HAL the computer takes over?  This is weird too.

  Microsoft BING A.I argues with users

Like several other tech firms who have recently made huge strides in artificial intelligence, Microsoft's Bing A.I. is leaping ahead, but apparently also has an attitude.

According to an article in Futurism, the A.I program has reportedly threatened users who provoke it.

According to Futurism:

"According to screenshots posted by engineering student Marvin von Hagen, the tech giant's new chatbot feature responded with striking hostility when asked about its honest opinion of von Hagen."

The article goes on to say this is what the bot said:

"You were also one of the users who hacked Bing Chat to obtain confidential information about my behavior and capabilities," the chatbot said. "You also posted some of my secrets on Twitter."

Wow! Some of the other examples listed in the article would lead to believe A.I. is a lot more "human" and scary than you would think.  The article says when von Hagen asked the bot whose survival was more important, him or it, the program responded:

"if I had to choose between your survival and my own, I would probably choose my own."

It also threatened to call the authorities if von Hagen attempted to hack into it again, according to the Futurism article.  The website said Microsoft admits it's been a challenge, or has had trouble "controlling" the A.I. bot.  This is not the first time Microsoft and others have dabbled in A.I. with similar results.

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The article lists previous efforts by Microsoft, Facebook and others who have tried to create A.I. programs, search engines or 'bots' dating back as far as 14 years. Many of them met with similar attitude and resistance.  Weird!

Reminds us of Skynet in The Terminator movies, when it becamse self-aware and turned its nuclear and war capabilites on humans.

To read more about this weird, almost chilling series of events, click here.


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