Zillah police and other authorities have found a 3-year-old boy who's mother refused to return him to his father, posting pictures on social media of alleged court documents showing she has temporary custody of the child.

This strange situation began near Zillah, when Devon Walbert  didn't return her son Kingston Russel Bounds,  to his father after a visitation January 31st.

According to police, Walbert, 33, had reportedly told the father he would never see Kingston again.

It turned strange when Walbert posted on Facebook pictures of what she claimed were temporary custody papers, and she posted that she had suggested split custody many times with the boy's father.

Alleged custody papers posted online by child's mother (KNDU-TV)
Alleged custody papers posted online by child's mother (KNDU-TV)

After refusing to return the boy to his father,  on February 4th. Yakima County Superior Court issued an order requiring Walbert to return the child. She refused.  She had last been seen with him the day before at the Safeway Store on Nob Hill Ave. in Yakima.

According to our news partner KNDU-TV, it was reported Friday boy had been safely recovered and returned to his father. No other details were released. Walbert had posted this statement on her Facebook page prior to the boy's return to his father:

"People I have temp custody of Kingston since last yr. Because I am not going to play these games with Logan any longer. People that know me KNOW I'm not at all like that and have offered many times to split custody. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY knows what happened to me and my children behind our closes door at home. Before you go and post something make sure you know both sides. I don't care how great you think you know a person you never truly do until you have slept next to them and shared a bed for over 4 years. I will never give up fighting for what is right. I know the truth and it will Come to light. Everyone that is sending me msgs stop! Most of you just love drama and the other half has absolutely no idea what we are going through. Not one."

According to news reports, Walbert has had a previous history of drug use, and is currently believed to be using drugs, although the type was not specified.





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