A Tri-Cities man went into hiding with his 11-year-old son after committing a hit-and-run Tuesday. Our news partner KNDU did a story on Thursday about the incident and interviewed a witness on Wellsian Way in Richland. That's when the father and son walked right past them.

Fernanda Lopez had seen a photograph of the missing boy that morning after his mother called the station asking them to do the story.

In front of Jokers in Richland, she was interviewing a witness to the hit-and-run she found on Facebook when the dad and son walked right past them. Lopez got into her car and followed them at a distance. She saw them head into the wooded park behind the Richland Goodwill (it's an undeveloped disc golf course). She called police, and they took the man into custody in front of the Goodwill and bought the boy something to eat. He was covered in mosquito bites and was still showing an injury from the car accident.

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