The search continues in the Walla Walla River near the confluence with the Columbia.

Fisherman seen going underwater Sunday afternoon

According to the Walla Walla County Sheriff's office (WWCSO), the man was seen on the shoreline, then he headed into the water, but disappeared.  From the information released, it appears he was fishing not far from where the WW River joins the Columbia. The call came in around 5:43 PM.

Apparently, according to information they were given, the man was seen initially fishing from the shore, then waded out for some reason.

WWCSO officials say they, along with Columbia Basin Dive Rescue and units from Pasco Fire, WW County Fire District 5 all searched the area thoroughly but did not find the missing fisherman.

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The WWCSO says this spring the Columbia, Snake, and Walla Walla Rivers are much colder than usual, due to cooler weather and runoff. Their temps are at or not much above 50 degrees, which can quickly immobilize a person and cause them to drown.

They advise fishermen and other water recreators to wait until the weather warms, especially this summer, before spending much time in the water.

We will report new developments as they occur on this story.


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