A bulletin has been issued by Douglas and now Grant County authorities, searching for a missing autistic man in the Columbia River.

Man left home in Rock Island June 20th

June 27th the Douglas County Sheriff's Office told the Wenatchee World 25-year-old Jesse Robert Cadenas had left his home on a grey bike June 20th, a few days later searchers looking for the missing man found some of his personal effects not far from the Rock Island Railroad Bridge, which is about 35 miles southeast of Wenatchee.

They believe he is somewhere in the river, but did not say more.

Now, Wednesday, July 12th, the Grant County Sheriff's Office is urging boaters and people who live along the Columbia in Grant County south of the Rock Island area, and north of Vantage to keep a close eye out for anything unusual they see in the water, that might be the missing man.

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The distance from where he was last seen, and his personal effects found, and the area north of Vantage is about 45 miles.

Grant County authorities continue to search the river areas where they think he might be now. Anyone in Grant County who sees anything is urged to call 9-1-1.

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