Fortunately, thanks to a number of leads and tips via social media, Facebook, the man has been found and is getting some help.

Some time ago, a family in Illinois reached out to Pasco Police, concerned that 62-year-old David A. Peeples had been missing after coming to our area on a visit.

The family said they'd not heard from him and filed a missing persons' report. Sept. 24, Pasco Police were able to locate and make contact with him at the Sage N. Sun Motel, where he showed obvious signs of having been assaulted. The hotel is located at the base of the Cable Bridge in Pasco.

He was, however, uncooperative, and likely refused treatment. The family feared he might have slipped back into some previous drug habits.

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However, yesterday, Pasco PD said he'd been located in large part due to tips and leads from the information Police posted on their Facebook page.

Officers said Peeples is now receiving the help he needs and his family has been notified.

Social media may contribute to many ills in society, but in this case, it resulted in helping a missing person who needed assistance.

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