It was only a matter of time before we knew this would begin.

With the Boeing Machinists Union rejecting their contract offer, which essentially killed Gov. Inslee's incentive plan keep the 777x project in Everett, now other states are lining up to bid, and fast!

Missouri legislators are debating and assembling an incentive and tax package to lure the project to the state, where 15,000 Boeing workers already build aircraft, and military planes in St. Louis.  Kansas is relying on existing tax and incentive programs to lure what could be as many as 7 to 10,000 jobs over the next few years.

Officials say they cannot disclose specific details due to non-disclosure deals with Boeing, but  the plans are said to be lucrative.  Missouri's plan could contain, according to sources, as much as $1.7 billion in tax incentives for the aerospace giant.

Wisconsin has also shown interest, although they weren't specifically approached by Boeing, and Alabama is in the running as well.   Boeing may want to choose that Alabama to counter that state landing a rival Airbus plant contract with an incentive package valued at $158 plus million.

As time moves on, it does become more likely that regardless of where the 777x lands,  it won't be built in Washington.   Officials had said the eventual job losses on the West side from losing the project could end up being as high as 10,000.    The Machinists Union "won" and got the vote leadership wanted, but perhaps cut off their nose to spite their face.   Many of the workers voted against the new contract despite knowing it might cost them their job,  or a chance to work on the new project.


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