Two separate recall petitions seeking to oust controversial Oregon Governor Kate Brown have to be submitted to state officials by the close of business Monday.

The larger of the two efforts was started in July by Bill Currier, Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party. The other was started by Michael Turner who has been very active in the Marion County Republican Party.

According to state law, either petition, (or both) need to have at least 280,050 signatures to be valid. If they meet that threshold, Brown would have five days to step down. If she did not (and if the petitions are valid, she likely won't) there will be a special election to decide if she stays.

Brown has stirred up the wrath of many citizens by granting driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants and her efforts to push through costly carbon taxes ('regulate greenhouse gasses').  The state is also suffering from significant pension issues, and the foster care system, say many, is in shambles.

Despite a lot of opposition, she did comfortably win election due to the large Portland area and west side population base.

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