GOP State House Rep Corry (WA State House Republicans-with permission)
GOP State House Rep Corry (WA State House Republicans-with permission)

WA state is one of only four states in the US that allow their Governors virtually 'unchecked' authority when it comes to emergency powers, stemming from state of emergencies. We are one of the 4 that do not have some sort of legislative oversight, where elected state officials can terminate, end, or modify a Governor's state of emergency.

  A proposed House bill would dramatically change that

WA State house Rep Chris Corry from the 14th Legislative District (Yakima) has filed HB (house bill) 1535, which would place significant limits on any governor's emergency capabilities.

The bill, which has 23 co-sponsors, has been sent to committee. The focus of the bill would be to limit emergency powers, not just for Inslee, but for any future Governor of the state.

It would limit any state of emergency declared by the Governor to 60 days, at which time the legislature would have to vote to approve continuation or termination. It would also allow the legislature to terminate any state of emergency at any time.

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During the COVID Pandemic, Gov. Inslee's state of emergency lasted nearly 2 1/2 years, during which time GOP leaders say he issued hundreds of proclamations with very little input from the legislature, and virtually no input from citizens and voters.

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