Moses Lake shooting threat story goes national (MLSD)
Moses Lake shooting threat story goes national (MLSD)

Thanks to alert students who reported rumors and information to administrators, a potential tragedy was averted in Moses Lake this week.

Moses Lake MS Shooting Threat Story Goes National

Two days ago, Monday, we reported via the Moses Lake School District and Moses Lake PD that an 8th grader was arrested and found with a gun and ammo in their backpack.  Students told school officials they'd heard a rumor a student was going to "shoot up the school," and as standard protocol, Police quickly moved to investigate.

The student was found to have a pistol and two ammo magazines in their backpack. Authorities acted so fast the school didn't even have to be locked down.

Now, the story has gone national.

 Glenn Beck's website The Blaze ran a story on Wednesday, which contained some additional information obtained from KREM 2 TV in Spokane.  The student has been charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Felony Harassment.

Since the incident, the Moses Lake School District contacted the families and students whose names were on a reported hit list the student had, the District has offered counseling and other support services to those teens.

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The District referred to what they called a list of targets. This was some of the additional information provided by the District:

  • "Upon investigation, Moses Lake Police and District Officers recovered a pistol as well as two magazines of ammunition for the pistol within minutes of the report. The weapon was secured and the eighth-grade student was arrested.
  • Further investigation showed the student had a list of potential targets. CMMS administrators have contacted the parents and families of these individuals. No students or staff were harmed.
  • In addition to criminal charges, the student will be referred to the juvenile court system and face disciplinary action"

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident. This reinforces the reasons why parents, students, and citizens should report credible or alarming threats or information they hear about schools or other venues. Most people are aware enough to notice the difference between gossip and a legitimate threat, so pay attention.

IT does make a difference.

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