Thanks to several other students who reported hearing about the threat, no one was hurt.

 Chief Moses MS Student arrested after gun threat Monday

The Moses Lake School District issued this statement, which read in part:

"This letter is to inform you that one of our students brought a firearm to Chief Moses Middle School today, Monday, March 14th, 2022.  

  • At approximately 9:45am, school administrators received a report that a student had a gun in their possession.  
  • School and District Resource Officers immediately responded, removing the student and their backpack from a classroom. 
  • A firearm was confiscated and the student was arrested and removed from school grounds.  We did not go into lockdown as we immediately detained the student. Local law enforcement will continue to investigate this incident."

The Moses Lake Police Department reported the student had made a threat to shoot up the school, but other students reported it almost immediately to officials.  In fact, they did not even have to lock down the school because the threat was dealt with so fast.

The student was contacted in class, immediately removed from the school and arrested. No word on official charges.  A gun and two ammunition magazines were seized. The student is an 8th grader. No one was hurt in the incident, no other information has been released.

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School officials and Police stressed how important it is for citizens, and especially students, to report what they believe are credible threats to schools and students. Even if they are not 100 percent sure, authorities say people and students should alert authorities, as these students did.

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