The Jackie Robinson biopic '42' hits theaters this weekend, and that has us thinking about all the inspirational sports movies that have come before it. 

In 1976 'Rocky' took home the Best Picture and Best Director Academy Awards, and a couple of the sequels are also pretty darn good (though not 'Rocky V'—the less said about that one, the better).

'Rudy' might get more than just Notre Dame fans pumped up and ready to try their hardest. Two other football movies that have the ability to inspire are 'Remember the Titans' and 'We Are Marshall,' both contenders for the title.

On the baseball side, we have a couple that have stood the test of time. 'Field of Dreams' might not be all about the game, but its message is very uplifting. Also, 'A League of Their Own,' about women playing professional baseball during the WWII era, will always be a fan favorite.

Hockey has one movie that might just get you inspired to lace up the skates, and that would be 'Miracle,' about the 1980 U.S. Olympic team that won the gold.

Last but certainly not least is a basketball film about that's one of the all-time-best underdog stories: 'Hoosiers.' It's an absolute classic.

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