Probably one of the stranger information releases from the Kennewick Police Department in a while.

Officers are investigating what they are calling a case of voyeurism that allegedly occurred at Winco Foods on Clearwater. What is not known is what day or time it occurred, or who the victim or suspect are.

Police said there was very limited information on the suspect involved, and any input from the public is welcome. Somehow this person pictured is said to be associated with the incident. Don't know if they're a witness, suspect or 'victim.'  Anyone who thinks they recognize this woman is urged to call (509)-628-0333.

Some have suggested the bandage on her arm is from the nearby Plasma Donation Center across the street on Union, saying it's possible they could check their records vs. the time of the incident to find out who she is.

By definition, according to several online dictionaries, Voyeurism is "the practice of gaining pleasure by watching others who are naked or engaged in sexual activity."

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