Stemming from a fire last Friday, Benton County Deputies now say reckless burning charges have been filed against a 35-year-old woman.

Fire crews responded to a blaze near 15th. Ave. and South Date, and found the porch attached to a trailer was on fire. The porch was affixed to the RV parked there, and when crews got to the scene, the porch was almost all consumed. The RV also sustained damage.

Authorities say the woman inside, identified as Terra Redmond, initially refused to come out. Eventually she was persuaded to exit the RV, she was treated for smoke inhalation and evaluation before being arrested. Turns out she was wanted on an outstanding warrant from the Department of Corrections. It was not revealed if Redmond was living there.

She's now facing charges of Reckless Burning, although authorities did not specify how the fire started or what it was related to. The investigation continues.

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