Early Monday morning, Benton County Deputies had a very unusual experience.

Calls came in about a naked man running down a highway

In the early morning hours of Monday, June 20th,  Deputies were called to an area on Highway 221 near Sellers Road, about 8 miles southwest of Benton City, about a man seen running down the road naked.


Location southwest of Benton City (Google maps)
Location southwest of Benton City (Google maps)

   The suspect tells Deputies that military men in mirrored cars showed up

The unnamed male had apparently run out of gas, parked his car, and began running. However, when Deputies contacted him he told them he was on his way to a friend's house to play video games when "military" men in "mirrored cars" showed up, then disappeared but took his clothes.

Apparently, he also said his friend's house got hacked on the internet, making it disappear. Fortunately, Deputies recognized the man was in mental distress, and they were able to contact some family members after he was taken to Prosser Memorial Hospital for an evaluation. It was noted the area he was located is farmland, and not a lot of nearby homes--hence, he possibly thought the house had disappeared.

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Deputies thanked the reporting party, who gave them a lot of preliminary information so they knew this was not a 'typical' situation.


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