Additional information has been released following Sunday night's fatal two-vehicle crash at Gage and Steptoe.

 Man and woman killed in vehicle after being hit by drunk driver

Sunday night, around 11:18 PM, Kennewick Police responded to this deadly intersection for a report of a two-vehicle crash.

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We now know the victims were headed east on Gage when a southbound vehicle slammed into them.  Police did not say if the suspect driver ran the light, but the impact killed both occupants. They were found dead at the scene.

Another view of Gage and Steptoe (Google street view)
Another view of Gage and Steptoe (Google street view)


 Gage and Steptoe is one of the deadliest intersections in Mid-Columbia.

Witnesses tell Newstalk 870 that accidents are not an infrequent occurrence at this intersection.

 Names of victims and driver released.

The two people killed in the eastbound vehicle were 38-year-old Tressica Garza of Pasco and 45-year-old Wayne Judd of Kennewick.  Police say it's believed Judd was the driver, Garza the passenger.

The driver has been identified as Mariana Souza (no hometown listed) who authorities say is still in custody.  The impact on the victim's vehicle was in the driver's door, said Police.

The investigation continues.

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