A growing number of experts say US HS students should be required to take at least one class in Civics.

  Civics is the study of how government, especially US government, works

Civics is often closely tied to history, it is the study of how governmental systems and structures in the US, and world, work. Unlike politics, civics examines the founding, structure, and function of government.

  According to information released by the National Center for Education Studies (by way of Keybridge Communications) only about 14 percent of US 8th graders are considered proficient in history.

Jamie Gass and Chris Sinacola are education experts with The Pioneer Institute, they believe a start would be to require US HS students to be able to pass the US citizenship test. The Pioneer Institute is an organization that deals in public policy research.

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US test scores for history and civics are reaching record lows, a trend that began even before COVID. Education experts say most American young people who are surveyed believe high school did not prepare them to be good voters,.

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