They obviously have not seen the noted Facebook page "Seattle Looks like S**t."

US News and World Report has published a look at the 'best' states in the U.S., and we're Number 1!. Normally that would elicit whoops of joy, but mostly snickers from those of us on the East side.

The report uses data from education, healthcare, the economy and various noted crops such as wheat, the wine industry and yes, Boeing. They also say we have an abundance of electrical power generating sources, perhaps the most in the nation.

But they don't realize the bulk of those (outside of Boeing) are on the EAST side of the state, or in rural areas well away from Seattle. The East side is booming, and largely responsible for the data in the report.

The study did not take into account the housing issues and homeless crisis in Seattle and King County, nor did it consider our tax structure, which is one of the worst in the U.S. Washington state now has the highest gas tax in America.

We also have one of the highest B&O (Business and Occupation) taxes in the U.S. after the legislature passed a slew of new taxes that will cost citizens and business owners billions over the next ten years.

In case you're curious, that controversial Facebook page, "Seattle Looks like S**t" was started a number of residents and King County dwellers. More so than any media outlet, the page illustrates the shocking urban decay of the Emerald City.

Tent camps, garbage piles the size of pickups, and other shocking circumstance are seen in photos, some of them a stone's throw from Century Link and T-Mobile Park, for example. The page was started by residents who are frustrated over city leaders inability to reign in the problems, and take control of what's becoming a health and crime crisis. It has 39,000 followers as of May 14th.

To see more of what's on that Facebook page, click on the button below:

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