The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued several recall warnings this week, including multiple gas trimmer models, and some computer graphic tools.

Husqvarna recalls three grass trimmer models

The CPSC says Husqvarna is recalling gas-powered grass trimmer models 33LK, 130C, and 130L.  They are orange and grey and are being recalled because of a wiring issue that could cause sparking or arcing, and ignite gas if it is present. The CPSC says there have been 12 reported instances when units caught fire, or experienced sparking or electrical arcing. One injury was reported, and two reports of property damage due to the fires.

actual trimmer being recalled (CPSC)
actual trimmer being recalled (CPSC)

These were sold at Lowes, Tractor Supply Co, Husqvarna Dealers and other retail locations. Consumers should immediately stop using the units and call Husqvarna toll-free at 877-257-6921 or email

CableMod recalls GPU Angled Adapters

GPUs are graphics processing units, and these adapters are plugged into a computer to enhance images, screen quality, and visual effects. The CPSC says the recall is because the male connector can come loose, overheat, and melt, even causing a fire besides damage to the computer.


CableMod adapter (CPSC)
CableMod adapter (CPSC)

The CPSC says they have received 272 reports of incidents involving these units, including some electrical fires that caused a total of over $74K in damages. The model data was listed by the CPSC:

T"his recall involves CableMod’s 12VHPWR Angled Adapters, models V1.0 and V1.1, that plug into a graphics processing unit’s power port at either a 90-degree or a 180-degree angle. Model V1.1 has a stabilizing pin on the side of the male connector. The adapters were sold in black, blue, gold, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, and white, and “CableMod” appears on the side of the adapter."

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They were sold on Amazon, CableMod's website other retailers from February through December of 2023.  Consumers should immediately stop using the units, they were made in China, and the CPSC did not list specific actions for consumers to take.

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