Naval officials are investigating, with vigor, the recent sighting of an unmanned drone seen hovering over the Naval Submarine Base at Bangor near Silverdale, WA.

Despite the FAA struggling to deal with UAD's (Unmanned Aerial Devices) as they are sometimes called, it's pretty clear that when it comes to airports and military installations, there are no-fly zones that often extend several miles beyond the boundaries of the facilities. Such is the case for the Washington state sub base.

Officials are going door-to-door searching for who might have been flying the craft. It's not clear yet what kind of drone it was that was spotted February 8.

KING-5 TV reports investigators were coming the surrounding areas, searching for whoever might own one and was flying it that day. A number of citizens said it was disturbing that somebody could fly a drone that close to a base where nuclear subs are kept.

The FAA says people until February 19th to register ALL such drones that weigh more than half a pound. Officials believe this craft was likely not registered, and judging from initial reports was probably well above the weight restrictions. It's likely it's not registered, meaning if caught, the person who flew over and around the base could be looking at a fine in exess of $25,000-not to mention a LOT of questions from the FBI, and other military officials.

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