On the heels of announcing new privacy and policy standards that will essentially track all internet activity for private users of Google products,  Google says it will not affect government users.

Google has what are called GAFG programs, or Google Apps For Government, and they will not be affected by the new privacy standards.  Google is replacing policies for each of it's services with a blanket approach;  gathering data from YouTube, Gmail, Google searches and it's other products for each user.  Users will not be allowed to opt out of the privacy standards.  Google claims it will streamline their processes for targeting and offering specific services tailored to user's preferences.  Critics say it's intrusive and amounts to monitoring.   Google said current government contracts and services will NOT be affected by the new standards.   Critics of the new privacy plans said they would jeopardize security for government information stored in the "cloud" if Google were allowed to monitor government activities.  However, experts from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and U-Tube say it's not fair for private citizens to essentially be "monitored" while the GAFG programs go unchecked.