With all the news and growing advancements, especially by Google, with driverless cars, now some Seattle tech officials want a long stretch of Interstate 5 devoted to driverless cars only!

According to insurancejournal.com,  it's not just a theory, officials actually have a plan. Amazon.com board member Tom Alberg, who is the co-founder of Madrona Venture Group, has teamed up with former Microsoft executive Craig Mundie to create such a plan.

The two have released a plan whereby driverless vehicles could be tested on the 150 mile stretch of Interstate 5 between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada. Their plan was announced at what was called a cross-border innovation conference in Vancouver B.C. sponsored by Microsoft.

The plan would allow the testing of driverless vehicles in the carpool lanes, and according to Alberg and Mundie, would perhaps take 2, 5 or even ten years. But the eventual goal is to restrict travel on the entire Interstate North to Vancouver to ONLY driverless vehicles!

Under their plan human driven cars would be allowed on the freeway between the hours of 8pm and 4am on weekdays and weekends. The rest of the time? Human drivers would be banned.

This highly controversial plan may never come to fruition, but supporters of the plan say eventually they believe all vehicles will be driverless, and why not start now?

Driverless technology has come under fire recently after a Tesla driverless car failed to 'recognize' a truck pulling in front of it. The collision killed the occupant of the vehicle.

However, in a rather ominous sounding statement, the supporters of the plan say, according to insurancejournal.com, "widespread and universal adoption of autonomous vehicles is inevitable."

Reminds us of the old 1950's Sci-fi movie that gave us the line "resistance is futile."

Very creepy.

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