The U.S. National Reconnaissance Office launched a new spy satellite Thursday, but it's the agency's new logo and slogan that are creeping people out just a bit.

The NRO is one of the government's spy and information agencies, who's duties include monitoring weapons of mass destruction, tracking terrorists, drug dealers, developing accurate targeting data and bomb damage assessments and more.   They're a cyber-oriented version of the CIA and FBI.

They launched a new spy satellite ,called NROL-39, and the craft carried the new logo and slogan of the agency, according to Fox News:

'The new logo features a giant, world-dominating octopus, its sucker-covered tentacles encircling the planet while it looks on with determination, a steely glint in its enormous eye. The logo carries a five-word tagline: “Nothing is beyond our reach.” (Bold lettering added for emphasis). 

The new logo and slogan have immediately captured the attention of anti-government snooping organizations, including the ACLU.  Again, from Fox News:

"Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist and senior policy analyst with the ACLU, raised a quizzical eyebrow at the new slogan.

“Advice to @ODNIgov: You may want to downplay the massive dragnet spying thing right now. This logo isn't helping,” he wrote."

The agency countered by saying the octopus is a logical choice because it's an intelligent creature, so therefore a good mascot.  And the tentacles represent it's ability to monitor and observe the movements and actions of enemies of the United States.  They have nowhere to hide.

Judging from dozens of leaked reports and documents about government agencies from the IRS to the FBI snooping on private citizens,  We have nowhere to hide, either.


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