According to New Holland, orders will begin to be taken later this summer.

New Holland partners with Israeli tech firm

According to, a new line of fully automated tractors will soon be patrolling ag fields. But growers won't have to buy new units.

New Holland has partnered with Bluewhite, an Israeli tech company, to produce bolt-on tech kits that will allow tractors to operate without a driver. According to FarmProgres:

"Bluewhite’s bolt-on autonomy kits rely mostly on mechanical parts to move vehicle controls. A control computer communicates with lidar, radar sensors and cameras to safely maneuver around obstacles."

Ben Alfi, the CEO of Bluewhite said:

“Our technology, the hardware and the software, can transform your existing tractor to autonomous, with any type of crop, “e do not depend on GPS, or any one sensor.”

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The idea behind the tech is to allow an operator to be able to set up the programming, then perform other tasks while the tractors are doing their programmed work. Officials say the tech can allow tractors to perform tasks in virtually any kind of environment, from orchards to other crops. The primary motivator for creating the tech was to help ag producers find ways to reduce rising production and labor costs.

New Holland says orders will likely begin to be accepted later this summer.

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