Until now, the concept of artificial intelligence has been somewhat removed from our interpersonal daily lives-up close. But that is about to change.

  Microsoft to debut a new "AI" button on keyboards.

According to MyNorthwest.com, the computer giant is going to allow users to summon what they call a "chatbot" by pushing this new key.

According to MyNorthwest:

"Starting this month, some new personal computers that run Microsoft’s Windows operating system will have a special “Copilot key” that launches the software giant’s AI chatbot."

A chatbot is a program that simulates conversations with humans-users and the AI. Chatbot AI differs from standard chatbot programs (many of which have been in use for several years) by using its 'intelligence' to actually generate its own answers and responses to a human.

Many websites use standard chatbots to provide automated, pre-programmed answers to questions a user might have. For example, if you go to a retail website, and it is after hours, you might get pre-programmed answers that the company hopes will answer your question. Most of these systems are clearly identified as automated chat.

According to MyNorthwest:

"The newest AI button will be marked by the ribbon-like Copilot logo and be located near the space bar. On some computers it will replace the right “CTRL” key, while on others it will replace a menu key."

The company has not released information about which other computer makers will be offering the AI Chatbot, as Microsoft provides the bulk of computer frameworks and data for about 85 percent of the world's computer systems. We do know it will be offered on Surface models.

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