Back on June 16, we reported on a man that area authorities are looking for in connection with an elaborate card skimming and fraud scheme. Now, much better surveillance images have been released.

Police say this man is believed to be skimming credit card information, possibly from a different location than where he's committing the fraud.

He's then reportedly stamping fraudulent credit cards, using the skimmed, or stolen, information. Card skimmers are usually found at automated pumps in gas stations, or other places where you use your credit or debit card, and there's no attendant. The skimmers usually fit over the top of the card swiper, and usually can be easily wiggled or jerked loose.

Police and Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers say the man is then using the fake credit cards to buy hundreds of dollars in Walmart gift cards. Beside the Pasco Walmart, where at least one of the cards was worth over $200, he's now believed to have done the same in Yakima.  Earlier, he performed at least 8 transactions at the Pasco Walmart.

It is not known if he's from here, or just passing through the area to commit the fraud. As has been found in some earlier skimming cases, the suspects were from out of the area, and had chosen Tri-Cities to just "hit" for a bunch of ID theft, get their money, then move on.

Authorities described his actions as a "recent spree."  Anyone with any information can report it to Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers at (509)-586-TIPS. All leads are confidential.

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