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It's buzzing around the Tri-Cities and folks are waiting in long lines to get it and it's candy!

A new Pop Up Candy store is causing a lot of buzz around the Tri-Cities and another pop-up time is going to happen this weekend. Pochita's Candy is setting up shop at the parking lot of Eat Hot Tamales at 2521 West Kennewick Ave in Kennewick.

The next pop up time will be Saturday at 1:30 PM.

Pochita's Candy is unique because the candy mixes in Chamoy, a sugary special sauce popular in Mexico.

Pocha Gomez, an owner, says the candy making started out as a hobby but there has been such an interest in the candy that she decided to make a go of it as a business.

You can read more about the delicious pop-up candy shop here and you can also check out the candy on their Facebook page here.

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