Richland broke ground on Fire Station 76, its newest, on Monday, and officials now say it will cut response times greatly.

New 10,000-plus foot station to be finished in 2024

Officials say the new facility will not only house fire crews and equipment, but will also have room for Police units. It is expected to be completed in just under a year from now.

Currently, Richland officials say response times to the Badger South Area are around 12 minutes, but to someone having a medical emergency, that can be a long time.  Now, this new station is expected to cut those times to as low as 3 to 5 minutes.


New fire station location (Richland PD)
New fire station location (Richland PD)

The station is located at 4307 Trowbridge Boulevard, a few hundred feet off Dallas Road, and less than a half mile from where Dallas Road intersects with I-82.

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