Recently, the City of Kennewick opened it's new west location at 6941 Grandridge Boulevard. Along with a new Southridge location and another newer one on 10th, it provides more support for the growing community.

However, the west Kennewick location has also been a target of a (now) not-so-bright or greedy thief.

Since January of this year, Kennewick Police report the new fire station has been broken into numerous times. Over the course of the last six months, thousands of dollars of tools were taken.

But this week, Officers were able to nail the primary suspect in what's believed to be an online theft and sales ring.

25-year-old Zackery Adams is in the Benton County jail facing 2nd Degree Burglary charges. It seems he was selling the tools online, but his luck ran out.

Kennewick Detectives are always combing online sites to look for suspicious ads; they also check when people report stolen items--especially tools.

IF a victim can provide a solid description of what was taken, it allows Police to target the social sites, looking for a match. Then, often a sting operation is set up where they agree to meet the seller. In many instances in the past, thieves have been apprehended this way.

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In this case, that's what happened. The reason Adams is not (yet) facing multiple charges is that investigators have to be able to tie him directly to multiple thefts. So far he's being charged for the online sales they've identified.

According to officials the investigation is continuing and could result in other involved suspects as well.

We did wonder what kind of alarms they have the station, and if Adams was caught on any security cameras?


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