When Dave Ramsey (heard weekdays 12-3pm on Newstalk870) commented harshly about the proposed Federal $600 stimulus on his show earlier this week, it apparently offended snowflakes.

Ramsey had said in a Fox interview (and on his show) he objected to the stimulus plan because if you depend upon that money to 'change your life,' you're in financial trouble.

"So I said on Fox News this morning, that I don't believe in the stimulus check because if you get $600 or $1,400 and it changes your life, you didn't have a life, you're already screwed."

Dave stressed, as he has for decades, that nothing about it was shaming anyone. It's more of a recognition of personal responsibility, accountability and lack of ownership of a person's personal situation.  Dave said the sad part of this incident trending #1 on Twitter is that he "dared to suggest" the government is never going to fix your life.

Apparently he was trending #1 on Twitter Thursday and much of this week.

And Dave posted this video to his YouTube Channel


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