A former standout WSU Cougar who was not drafted last weekend has had an offer to come to camp as a free agent pulled after team officials learned he will stand trial on assault charges.

WSU Defensive Tackle Robert Barber didn't get a call during the NFL draft, but the Carolina Panthers did offer him a free agent deal. He would be invited to attend their mini-camp along with their other draft picks, and then could also try to make the team later this summer.

It's was considered the highest 'level' of free agent offers, both the mini-camp and full camp. But the Panthers rescinded that when they learned Barber will stand trial May 15 for his role in a fight that took place last summer, according to the Spokesman Review newspaper.

Barber was captured on a cellphone in a fight with another WSU student in June, he is accused of hitting one man and causing him a broken jaw, and a concussion. The 6' 3" 300 lb redshirt junior was originally from American Somoa.

According to sources, including Charlotte, NC media, his name was not on the list of players who would be attending the Panther's mini camp starting soon.

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