Back on July 31, Umatilla County became the first county we are aware of in the US, or at least Pacific Northwest, that was 'bounced' back two phases due to alleged COVID case increases.

OR Gov. Kate Brown made the announcement July 30, late Thursday evening, of the lockdown. The decision followed what is believed to be a 'mysterious' series of events. County and business sources, who wished to remain anonymous, told us the chain of events were too obvious to ignore.  For several weeks, state officials had 'suggested' Umatilla move back to Phase 1 voluntarily, claiming COVID cases were rising. County commissioners refused, saying they would only enforce Phase 2 requirements as given by the state.

Nearby Union County, who was also in Phase 2, had voluntarily (sources say under extreme pressure from State officials) moved back to Phase 1.  But Umatilla refused to budge. Sources tell us the State didn't "like" their supposed defiance.

Then the weekend prior to the shutdown, teams of OSU Contact Tracers just 'showed up' in Hermiston, and said they found 41 new cases out of several hundred homes tested. They'd been going door to door. Then four days later, Brown made the shutdown announcement. It did not go unnoticed that her announcement came in the late evening, unusual time for such a proclamation.  Our sources were civil with their words, but truly believe they were "set up" to fail.

After August 21, the county went back to Phase One.  Shortly thereafter, they reapplied for Phase 2. But MyColumbiaBasin (MCB) reports that during a conference call
Wednesday September 2nd, the petition was rejected, and MCB says Board of Commissioners Chairman John Shafer said the county was not given any reason why the petition was rejected.

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