In addition to the thrilling division races between the Yankees and Orioles in the American League East, and A's and Rangers in the AL West, we've also been treated to the OTHER kind of baseball history!

Tuesday's game between the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros made it into the records books for the first time since 1962 two teams with at least 100 losses played each other. Ironically, the Cubs were a part of that year as well when they played the New York Mets.

The Astros, who will lose at least 106 games this year (55-106 going into the Wednesday season finale) and the Cubs are sure to lose at least 101 (60-101 coming into season-ender). This was only the fourth time this has ever happened in Major League history. 

  • In 1905 the Brooklyn Superbas (really, that was their name) played the Boston Beaneaters.
  • In 1923, Philadelphia Phillies took on the Boston Braves. The Braves would later go on to Atlanta.
  • In 1962, in the most well-known of the matchups, the hapless Cubs took on the New York Mets. The attendance at one of the 3 games at Wrigley Field was a robust 592 fans!

So if your favorite team (are you listening Mariner fans!) is having a bad year,  at least you're not as bad off as the Cubs and Astros.

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