Depending upon what happens in the State House, you may see changes coming to children's menus in restaurants soon.

By a vote of 29-20 Senate Democrats advanced SB (Senate Bill) 6455, which would force restaurants to list only "healthy" beverages by default on their menus. These would include water, sparkling water, unflavored milk or other dairy alternative that doesn't contain more than 130 calories per serving.

It's interesting to note that an amendment that would have added apple juice to that list was shot down by Democrats, despite the fact our "state crop" is apples. Hmmm.

The bill now moves onto the State House for consideration.  Soda and other beverages will still be available at restaurants but they would not be allowed to be listed on the menu, so if it does clear, make sure you ask for soda.

And call the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000 and vent your opinion to legislators about this ridiculous nanny state bill.

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