Walla Walla police say they're investigation a new kind of scam, one that targets wineries. Apparently two such businesses have been approached recently by a person or persons seeking to purchase large amounts of their products.

The supposed client contacted them by email or phone and requested large purchases. They then sent a check, but it turns out they are fraudulent. Fortunately both wineries verified funds before sending any wine.

Authorities say businesses should be on the lookout, not just wineries. It's interesting that the person seeking to purchase offered to pick up the wine in person, but police say that's generally a ruse intended to make the business 'fell' more secure and trustworthy about the purchase. Below is the release from the Walla Walla police:

Walla Walla wine scam (Walla Walla police)
Walla Walla wine scam (Walla Walla police)


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