WSU Tri Cities (google streetview)
WSU Tri Cities (google streetview)

If you have a high school student, especially one who is tuned in to their academics and has an eye on college, you're probably familiar with or have heard of the Washington Student Achievement Council or WSAC. (image WSU Tri-Cities)

  A new study shows direct college admissions dropping in WA

While a significant amount of their efforts, if not a majority, are aimed toward lower-income and 'disadvantaged' HS students, the WSAC does play a large role in trying to help provide opportunities and information for college-bound kids.

A number of the scholarship opportunities they promote or inform students about are open to a wide variety of income and ethnic backgrounds.

 A new study released by the WSAC indicates far fewer Washington high school grads are heading straight to college the fall after graduation.

 The study claims over the last decade, while graduation rates have steadily risen nationally and in our state, direct college enrollment has dropped.  The WSAC claims between just prior to the COVID pandemic and now, that rate as gone down ten percent. Previously, about 60 percent of grads would head directly to college, now it's about 50 percent.

The study also indicates the number of 2-year, or junior college numbers have declined more than those for 4-year enrollment.

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The study does not point out or list any specific reasons for these declines, although they did reference the impact the pandemic had on enrollment. The study also said the effect on Hispanic students was the highest, with their direct enrollment rates dropping from 54 percent in 2019 to 40 percent in 2021.

Student enrollment rate drops for other ethnic groups were listed as follows:

  • Asian--80 percent to 74 percent
  • Black or African American--60 percent to 55 percent
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native--38 percent to 33 percent
  • White-non-minority--59 percent to 51 percent 

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