Apparently some people have little sense of humor.

An inflatable punching bag depicting President Obama dressed in boxing attire and sporting a black eye has been removed from a GOP booth at the Indiana State Fair in Muncie. The Delaware County GOP leader said it was placed there in fun, but now he views it as offensive by how it portrays the Commander in Chief.   According to reports, some fair goers complained about the bag, which stood five-plus feet tall and featured a weighted base so when struck, it would bounce back upright. The product is actually commercially available from a company called Affy's, who makes "unique gifts to make you smile" -- including political!

Given the way that political cartoons have often portrayed leaders on both sides of the political aisle, it appears to us at Newstalk 870 that some people are just too thin-skinned to take a joke. At least we in the U.S. don't burn our leaders in effigy like they do in numerous foreign countries!

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