Obama, fresh off raising taxes on 77 percent of Americans and slamming the rich with one of their biggest spikes in years, still thinks they should pay more.

While vacationing in Hawaii, Obama cut a video distributed to supporters of his campaign.  In the video, he starts by praising the tax jump for the wealthiest citizens from 35 percent to 39.6 percent. As if that's not alarming enough, he had this to say about the tax hikes: (From the Washington Examiner)

Obama started by celebrating the tax increases — “making our tax code more progressive than it’s been in decades,” he said — that will take place because of the fiscal cliff deal.

Note the key word in that phrase is "progressive." It's interesting the video was sent to people who supported the president financially. Obama did build much of his campaign off donations of $200 or less, but he also received huge amounts from the wealthy or companies. The money was funneled through the DNC or private Political Action Committees.

He's a politician who accepted hard-earned money from Americans who believed in his message. The fiscal cliff bill, as well as all the Obamacare expenses, raised taxes on at least 77 percent of Americans. And now he turns around and asks for more! It makes you wonder about the rich Americans who donated to him -- and how he bites their hand by saying they're not paying their fair share.