As heard here on Newstalk 870 LIVE Monday during the Mark Levin Show, President Obama laid out what has happened, and what's going to happen in Libya with the US.  But the Associated Press says, reality is different.

The AP, the largest source of news in the world, is not known for being a right wing or conservative organization, nor are they liberal. But they called into question most of the "facts" laid out by President Obama in Monday's speech. On the topics of the mission, why the US intervened, the progress vs. Libya and our responsibility, the AP paints a very different picture than the one laid out by Obama Monday.  Using points, quotes and facts from actual stories over the last weeks, the AP picks apart his arguments.  the AP says Obama once criticized previous presidents for picking involvements based upon crisis and circumstances, not any specific doctrine.  Now, those questions are being leveled at Obama himself.