Just prior to today's speech by President Barack Obama, Washington Governor Jay Inslee released a statement showing he's in lock-step with the president on climate change.

Obama announced during a speech at Georgetown University he plans to utilize presidential memorandums to implement his climate change policies. These plans won't require legislative approval.

Obama's plans include the first-ever federal regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. Many experts in the power industry say this will effectively kill the coal industry as we know it in the United States and send power bills skyrocketing for many Americans.

Meanwhile, Gov. Inslee released a statement accusing Congress of 'dithering', and praised the President for his stance on climate change:

"Every day Americans see the impacts of climate change in increasing droughts, wildfires, dangerous storms, ocean acidification, and more. Elected leaders have a moral obligation to take on this challenge. While Congress dithers, President Obama has put forward a smart, practical and cost effective set of policies to reduce carbon pollution and save energy costs, improve our competitiveness, and create jobs in America’s clean energy future.  In Washington state we are moving forward with clean tech innovation, sustainable transportation, and policies to reduce our emissions. We need a partner in the federal government, and the President's plan will lead to real results. I commend the President for his leadership and know that the states stand ready to work with him to tackle this challenge."

Maybe instead of worrying about an environmental issue, Inslee should focus on how to help pass a budget without raising taxes (per his campaign promises), and figure out how to cut state spending to curb the billion-dollar plus deficit.