He first asked for $800 billion in new taxes; now it's double that amount! According to the government's own figures (from the Congressional Budget Office) President Obama wants twice the number he asked for during the campaign for new taxes -- but 75 percent of it will go towards new spending!

Congressman Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, says the president's plan increases taxes above what the law will allow. He is referring to the 16-month-old Budget Control Act that raised the debt ceiling and mandated a reduction in spending.

The Weekly Standard reports that 75 percent of the $1.6 trillion in new taxes desired by Obama will go towards new spending and programs! Only $400 billion would go towards debt reduction.

Want to know where the money would (and is) going? Since taking office in January 2009, Obama has "hired" an average of 101 new federal workers a day -- every day, seven days a week. That comes to a total of 143,000 more federal workers than before. For the first time since Clinton, federal worker rolls have climbed above 2.2 million jobs.

And the CATO Institute and Investor.com magazine report the average federal worker makes $32,000 MORE a year than the average private sector worker. So that's where much of your money has been going.