According to multiple news reports, including the WSDOH, 102 persons who were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 still contracted the virus, and of those 2 died.

According to the DOH, these began to occur Feburary 1st, state officials call it a "vaccine breakthrough," which apparently means it did not prevent the virus from occuring.

According to the WSDOH data, these numbers represent less than 0.01 percent of all the people who have been vaccinated so far in the state.

The Pfizer and Maderna Vaccines are said to be 95 percent effective with two doses, while the Johnson & Johnson vaccine rate is at 66 percent.

The Department of Health said vaccines are not capable of being 100 percent effective, small percentages of people will still get the virus. They call these "breakthrough cases."

Of the 102 persons, 8 required hospitalization, and two of them died. DOH says the two who died were over 80, and had pre existing health conditions.

State health officials, including State Secretary of Health Umair A. Shah, say these cases illustrate the need for people to continue to practice safety recommendations. Shah said:

"It is important to remember that every vaccine on the market right now prevents severe disease and death in most cases. People should still get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible, and encourage friends, loved ones, and co-workers to do the same."

This news caused some ripples, as many citizens commenting on social media were unhappy of the portrayal of the vaccines as providing seemingly 'bulletproof' immunity.

The WSDOH continues to track the data. Vaccine breathroughs have been detected in at least 18 different countries.

Also, some of it has stemmed from reports the CDC has issued resports of what people can do once they have the vaccine.


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:



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