Apartments where woman was held against will, assaulted and imprisoned (Google Street View)

A 22-year-old Kennewick man is facing felony charges, including unlawful imprisonment, after police rescued his girlfriend from an apartment bathroom where she was being held against her will.

Thursday evening police responded to 911 calls about at woman heard screaming in a unit at the Meadow Park Apartments on west 4th. They're located just west of the intersection leading to Lampson Stadium.

Police said the 23-year-old woman was rescued after police accessed the bathroom by the outside window.  Police then pounded on the front door, and informed whoever was inside the woman had been safely removed. Initially no one answered, but finally Guadalupe M. Cervantes answered. He was taken into custody after the woman said she'd tried to leave the apartment hours earlier, but he had prevented her.

He even dragged her by the hair and eventually imprisoned her in the bathroom. She had visible assault injuries, but none were believed to be life threatening. He's now facing multiple felony charges. The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment.