According to multiple sources, we've been told a complaint was filed against Kimo's Sportsbar  for allegedly breaking the latest COVID restaurant-bar closures.

The Liquor Control Board was reportedly notified about people who were seen inside the restaurant on Saturday, as well as possibly earlier in the week.

A quick passby Monday showed the restaurant appeared to be 'closed' at least to inside traffic.

Koko's Bartini continues to defy the mandate by staying open.  Based upon the treatment of Sterling's and other restaurants in the area, if a business refuses to 'close' during this latest round of lockdowns for indoor dining, the LCB starts with a warning, then a fine and possibly losing their liquor license.

If the business persists in staying open, then Labor and Industries will show up and the business can face a fine up to $10K. No other information on the incident is available, we will continue to investigate.

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