Officials evasive about cost of pro abortion rally (TVW)
Officials evasive about cost of pro abortion rally (TVW)









On May 3rd, Gov. Inslee's office organized a pro-abortion rally in a Seattle park, following the leak of information that the Supreme Court was going to overturn Roe vs. Wade

Inslee's office organized the rally, source confirms

Mike Faulk, Inslee's Press Secretary and Deputy Communications Director, confirmed in an email that the rally was organized by the Governor's office. A number of Democratic leaders spoke at the rally.

We also asked Faulk what costs were incurred to stage the rally, and if any were paid for by the state (Inslee's Office).  We received the following reply:

"It was a pretty simple event. The city of Seattle provided the location and sound equipment. You can ask the city how much that might normally cost. "

Phone calls to the City of Seattle Auditor's office, Budget Office, and their General Switchboard all resulted in us having to leave voice mails, those calls were made two days ago with no response.

We also asked if the Governor's Washington State Patrol security detail was present. When Inslee appears at any public event in his capacity as Governor, they are there. We also asked what logistical support the Seattle Police Department may have provided. These rallies don't just pop up and go away. Usually, there's a Police presence directing traffic, and monitoring crowds.

Faulk confirmed via email:

"Yes the governor’s protection unit was present.

 You’ll need to ask Seattle about what additional support their law enforcement may have provided."

First, one would think the Governor's office, his press secretary, would know what the level of involvement was from local law enforcement. Secondly, the WSP "protection unit" is paid for by taxpayers.

For him to utilize them in conjunction with a highly charged, controversial, and politicized event such as this rally could be viewed as inappropriate use of the state's money.

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Not everyone in our state shares his (and his wife Trudy's) views on abortion.

It's interesting one of the top communication officers in Inslee's Administration doesn't appear to know what costs were incurred by the Governor sanctioning and appearing at a controversial rally such as this.  Or, he/they know and are just not saying.

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You’ll need to ask Seattle about what additional support their law enforcement may have provided.



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