Three days after a skeleton was discovered in heavy brush in the lower Yakima Valley, officials now say they hope dental records will help with the ID.

Around 8:30AM Sunday morning, Yakima County Deputies were called in as well as the Yakima Office of Emergency Management, after some hunters came across skeletal remains.

They were found in some heavy brush, near the intersection of Track and Winaway Roads, about halfway between Wapato and Toppenish. Given the terrain and brush, the remains would not have been visible to anyone on or close to the roads, said Deputies.

Law enforcement officials say they're not sure if that area is under jurisdiction of the Yakama Nation, if so, then Tribal Police and the FBI would assume the investigation. Officials say it's not yet clear if the remains are male or female, they do believe they're not of a child, but more likely a young to older adult. They have no idea yet how long the remains have been there.

The investigation continues.

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