Monday a letter was sent to school district superintendents, principals and teachers in Oregon, and it said in part there is a "very real potential" students may finish the 2019-2020 year at home.

In Oregon they're calling it the Distance Learning for All Program, and officials are said to have been told it needs to be in place by April 13th.   Oregon school officials determined students would initially lose 7 classroom days, this being in early March.

Then Governor Brown extended the 'social distancing' and school closures through April 28th.  So much of it will depend upon what happens with the containment or spread of COVID, a lot is up in the air.

Rather than make up lost days during the summer, as time drags on, officials are seeing that window potentially close. So, they are preparing to finish the year, if necessary, online from student's homes.

We got a copy of what was emailed out to educators and students from Oregon officials. To see it, click on the button below.

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