An Ecuadorian weight lifter at the Olympics found it's best to make sure you're completely "empty" prior to attempting to lift.

Maria Alexander Escobar Guerrero was competing in the clean and jerk in the 58k (kilogram) or 127 pound weight class at the 2012 London Olympics when her attempt was interrupted by the forces of nature colliding with weights.

Guerrero pulled the weight off the floor into what is called the  front squat position. From there she would stand, then press (or "jerk") the weight over her head.   Except her bladder couldn't hold up to the pressure of the 271 pounds she was trying to lift. It appeared she was in full control of the weight, but the unexpected call of nature completely disrupted her concentration. It is not uncommon for a weight lifter to emit "sounds" of emission during a difficult lift - mostly gas -  but this is the first time we've ever seen anything like this. We will say, though, that a 127 pound woman attempting to drill 271 pounds (MORE than twice her weight) over her head is pretty stout. We did find out, though, this is not the first time this type of thing has happened in international competition. Other lifters have "emitted" worse things than this!