Most of us marvel at the wonder of these athletes, racing downhill on snow, or gliding across the ice during the Olympics. Their grace and effort are remarkable.

But sometimes the figure skating or curling or cross-country skiing gets  a little dry. Let's spice it up. Here's a list of some events we'd like to see added to the Winter Games.

1)  Downhill Alpine Curling.  combines elements downhill skiing with curling. Except the athletes have to wave their brushes ahead of the stones as they slide downhill...backwards. The athletes would be on skis, and get a 3-foot head start ahead of the stone. wheee!

Half of downhill curling (Getty Images)

2)  110 Meter Hurdle Speed Skating.   The racers would have to sprint the course except they'd have to negotiate hurdles, just like in track and field. We'd cut them a break, and let them use low settings.

Speed skating (Getty Images)

3)   Cross County Hammer Throwing:  Just like it says, except the athletes have to throw the hammer, then ski to where it landed, pick it up, throw, retrieve, repeat. In case you're not familiar with the hammer, it's a 16-lb ball (like a shot put) on a 4 foot wire. The athlete does a series of rapid turns and sends it about 260 feet out into the field. I did it in college. Fun!

Hammer throw without the skis (Townsquare media)

4)   Two Lane Bobsled Racing.  They would race down the course like they do now, except there would be TWO lanes without a median. Lots of trading paint, just like in NASCAR! Move over Daytona!

we'd like to see side by side racing (Getty Images)

Well that should do it for now. We will think of a few more as we go.